Volunteer Opportunities

We are a new foundation currently trying to grow a volunteer base. We are not currently seeking volunteers for every single position at this time due to certain constraints with the ongoing pandemic and our ability to host events. We have listed all positions we hope to eventually fill as we grow our organization and our volunteer program. If something you are interested in is not currently available, feel free to fill out the application. We will contact you when we activate the volunteer position of your choosing.

Currently Seeking Volunteers

Lead Docent

The lead docent volunteers will be responsible for creating or finding materials for lessons taught to all volunteers signing up with Pipeline for Change. They will be assisting the volunteer coordinator in conducting classes to lead in sensitivity training, awareness for their communities, and how Pipeline for Change can support their communities.

This volunteer position requires experience in leadership, excellent communication skills, knowledge of professional sports and an ability to passionately educate about the experiences of your community. This volunteer position will require a short interview process with the volunteer coordinator to go over goals for the foundation. You must be a member of a minority or underrepresented community for this positon.

We are hoping to find leaders from all communities Pipeline for Change will assist. These communities include but are not limited to:

  • Black community
  • LBGTQ+ community
  • Non binary community
  • Indigenous communities
  • All communities with recognized disabilities

To apply for this volunteer position, click here

Lead Writer-Newsletter Volunteer

The lead newsletter volunteer will need experience in professional writing. Ideal candidates will have some experience in journalism, writing freelance articles, or creating newsletters.

The lead writer will have the responsibility of working with the volunteer coordinator to create monthly or bi-monthly newsletters that will be sent out to current volunteers and donors. The lead writer will assist in organizing article submissions, pitching ideas for articles, reviewing articles for submission and assigning work to fellow newsletter volunteers. Our perfect candidate will have experience with team leadership, time management, and excellent communication skills. Please submit samples of your work or publications when applying for this volunteer position. There will be a short interview process with the volunteer coordinator to go over goals of the newsletter.

To apply for this volunteer position, click here.

Social Media Ambassador

Our social media ambassadors will be responsible for promoting Pipeline for Change on their social media accounts to educate their followers about the importance of our mission and encourage involvement. These volunteers will be responsible for creating posts that uphold the image and mission of the foundation.

Some volunteers may be given the opportunity in time to promote the foundation with t-shirts or products on their social media. Ideal candidates will have a strong following on social media (not required) and understand the impact of social media posts in the public. Volunteer influencers will report to the marketing, PR department and volunteer coordinator of Pipeline for Change.

To sign up for this volunteer position, click here.

Community Outreach Scouts

Our community outreach scouts will serve as mentors; they will be responsible for seeking out individuals from BIPOC, non-binary people and members of the LGBTQ+ communities who would most benefit from the grants provided by Pipeline for Change Foundation. The community outreach scouts will also be responsible for assisting candidates in applying for grants and helping individuals learn about professional opportunities within the professional sports industry.

Individuals interested in this volunteer position must be self-starters and sensitive to the issues of each community member they contact. Scouts must also be willing to work remotely and in person as needed for their research (example: promoting Pipeline for Change to students at local schools). Scouts will report to the volunteer coordinator for assistance, ideas, or concerns to their volunteer position.

To sign up for this position, click here.

Professional Mentors

We are seeking individuals in the professional sports industry to provide mentorship and networking opportunities to our grant applicants. Any professional career within the sports industry is beneficial to this program (athletes, marketing, public relations, etc) If you are interested in donating your time to our grant applicants, please email volunteers@pipelineforchangefoundation.com

Non-profit Volunteers

We are seeking individuals with experience in working for nonprofits who would be willing to donate their time to fundraising, event planning, pitching ideas, and more. If you have experience in working with nonprofits in this capacity and are interested in volunteering with us, please contact volunteers@pipelineforchangefoundation.com for more information.

Not Currently Seeking Volunteers


Our education volunteers will vital to the operation of our foundation events. They will be responsible for communicating with the public about our message at in person and/or virtual events. Education volunteers will be responsible for communicating regularly with docents, staying up to date on information within the communities our foundation provides resources to. Individuals interested in becoming educators must be comfortable with public speaking and speaking to potential donors about the importance of our foundation’s mission.


While we presently are unable to have a large number of events due to COVID-19, we hope to host many fundraising opportunities in the future. Individuals hoping to be educators at this event are encouraged to sign up to begin attending virtual classes with docents as they become available. All volunteers must attend training with the lead docents for sensitivity training and to learn about the communities our foundation focuses on.


While most in person events will be held in California for now (COVID-19 permitting), we encourage anyone to become educated on our mission to spread our message. Please do not feel limited by your location. There are many ways to get involved.

To sign up for this position, click here

Newsletter Volunteers

Our newsletter volunteers will work together as a team to provide our donors and volunteers with up-to-date information about the foundation, grant application information, types of careers in professional sports, interviews with professionals within the sports industry, and more.

Volunteers are required to have professional writing experience of any kind (journalism, blogging, columnist, grant writer, etc). Newsletter volunteers will report to the lead writer for communication and for submission. Please submit samples of your work or publications when applying for this volunteer position.

If you have a story to tell or would like to submit occasionally, please feel free to still sign up for this volunteer position.

To sign up for this volunteer position, click here.


If you are unable to give your time to our foundation but would like to get involved, we are always accepting donations. In addition to accepting donations on our ‘Donate’ page, we also accept donations in the form of:

  • sponsoring students and interns
  • donating opportunities to attend courses or seminars to our applicants
  • Other donation opportunities will become available as we host fundraisers

Please contact volunteers@pipelineforchangefoundation.com if you would like to contribute an opportunity or idea to the foundation.