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The Pipeline for Change Foundation is a California based non-profit organization that was created to provide resources and remove obstacles for BIPOC, women, non-binary people and members of the LGBTQ+ community to participate in all aspects of collegiate and professional sports.

We are committed to building an environment where every facet of the game is filled with diverse decision-makers – leading to a richer and more representative game and a more just society. Through our efforts, we hope to inspire more people to seek out careers in sports, ensuring a constant pipeline of diverse opportunity.

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Help support the development of a more diverse landscape across sports. All donations are fully tax deductible and support the work of the Pipeline for Change Foundation.


If you're interested in volunteering with Pipeline for Change and contributing to a more diverse landscape in sports, please reach out, or view our current volunteer opportunities by clicking on the button below


The Pipeline for Change foundation provides grant opportunities to underserved communities to promote access to sports in order to provide a more diverse pipeline, reduce barriers of access and increase the audience for sports as a whole. The Pipeline for Change grant may be used to cover any type of expense directly related to beginning or furthering a career in sports. Whether you are dreaming of becoming the next scout, working in a front office, coaching, perfecting sports grounds or any other opportunity that would lead to a leadership position in sports, the Pipeline for Change Foundation will support your endeavor.


To be eligible for the grant, applicants must:

How to apply

To apply for a grant, please submit your application online with the following items:

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